Having Fun Online with Poker99

Online poker is gaining popularity and it’s growing quickly. You’ll find people playing poker online round the clock. When the other side of the world is asleep the flip hand is up and playing poker.

Poker has been a popular sport, but online poker sport is fresh. Who would’ve believed that this popular casino sport would also make it big online? It started out in 1998 and has been growing in popularity until the 2000’s.

Playing poker involves money. If you’re good enough, you can find a large amount of money. But if not, you’d end up losing a great deal of your money.
But if playing poker is only a hobby for you and you aren’t looking forward to making money out of it, it would be advisable to play poker on the internet. There are a lot of sites to choose from. One of which is poker99.

Playing poker online is somehow enjoy a real time poker because there are elements which are present in both ways of playing poker. Here are a few of the elements.


Poker is not just any sport. It has gotten so popular that players are also becoming celebrities. Poker players can get online and play while viewers watch them online also.


When playing poker, the players are seated in an orderly manner. In internet poker, players might not be seated the way they would be when playing live but gamers may upload photos. Their actions and motions are finished in a timely manner as if they’re seated almost.

Free Play

For beginners, many sites offer free poker play. They can begin playing as low as 1 penny. Some websites even offer free money or kind of a demo money to start with. By these means, beginners can learn how to play and win.

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