Different Ways To Prepare Essiac

Drinking any kind of beverage is very important because our body consists of 70% water and needs to be replenished every once in a while, or you might suffer the consequences of being dehydrated. There are even circumstances that even when you don’t eat, but as long as you have water, you will be able to survive for a few days or so.

That is why if you are going to take something for the benefit of your body, the best form is in liquid form and thanks to the different ways of making a drink today, you can choose depending on your preference. Now, you can be healthy while enjoying to drink essiac, an organic substance with natural ingredients.

How To Prepare It

  • Hot Tea – if you are the type of person who has a sophisticated taste in drinks, you can make this as a tea in its purest form and take a sip on it after it sits for a few hours. You can either mix it with honey or even sugar for a bit of a taste, or you can also try tasting it on its pure form, first.
  • Cold Tea – if you like your drinks to be cold with cube ice inside, you can also do it with this tea. Slice up few lemons or any citrus fruit to make it more refreshing, especially during hot days
  • Smoothie – are you a fan of slush that is filled with tiny bits of ice that you can eat like ice cream? Then, you can also make one and use this as the flavor. It might be too cold for your throat, but the health benefits it can provide is still there
  • Milkshake – if you want something sweet and healthy, you can add up milk, place it in a blender, add some ice, and mix. Now, a drink everyone can enjoy.

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